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Wayward85 posted 4 years ago

Originally posted by dreaminstereo


Playfire are going to be implementing a NEW tracking system. It will be put into beta in a few weeks. You can read about it in the new blog here:

In the meantime, we ask you to be patient. Some people have noticed tracking functionality returning as a result of some minor fixes. However, neither myself nor any other moderators can give you guaranteed specifics as to whether YOUR tracking will be sorted out, and all staff updates will come through the blog. So please read anything with the title 'State of Playfire'!

Playfire Tracking

Playfire currently tracks your games from PlayStation, Xbox, Steam and X-Fire services automatically, including updating all your personal achievements and posting your play times.

We’re dedicated to making tracking work for as many of our 1.2 million users as we can, but sometimes something goes wrong: Playfire relies on four different services to be working and talking to us all the time, and sometimes, one of those services can experience a problem.

Tracking is very important to us and we always monitor how many games and updates are being tracked, and we roll out fixes every month to keep all that gaming information coming through. It is a system that requires constant maintenance and work to keep live, and its huge scale means plenty to keep us busy.

Right now, we can’t answer individual problems with game tracking – we are looking into expanding the team in the future to be able to help out users on a one-to-one basis. However, any information you can give us about problems will allow us to highlight issues with the service and solve them as quickly as possible.

Before you post:

Please wait 48 hours after you’ve played a title before reporting your profile not updating, and please note that moderators and staff posting in this thread have no power over fixing individual problems and are only trying to help with friendly advice.

Also try the GT Fix: Re-enter your game data and wait 60 minutes. If this doesn’t work, please get in touch.

To help us, please use this format when you post here:

Format Affected:

Games not tracking, or Achivements not tracking?:

Your gamertag / ID (If you prefer to keep this private, that’s fine):

Last Time you noticed your profile tracking:

Example games you’ve been playing we haven’t tracked:

Latest Fixes

14.09.2012 – Part 2 of 2 of our Xbox 360 fix.

13.09.2012 – Part 1 of 2 rollouts to fix a problem with the Xbox Live service. This was a problem on our end, resulting in Xbox 360 profiles not updating for the majority of users.

13.08-2012 – Rolled out a major fix affecting Steam profiles not updating.


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StrawHat posted 4 years ago

Sadly, most of the buzzers don't use the forums. So they will probably don't see this.

Maybe it's a good idea to sticky this too?

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Wayward85 posted 4 years ago

It's sticked. A lot of buzzers do use the feedback form so we can use information from both to help, just wanted to keep all the reports on the forum in one place.

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Luci85 posted 4 years ago

The main problem with the tracking I have, is that my Steam account tracks games I never played nor will ever play. I know that these games are freebies from some weekend deals Steam did. But I'm not interested in them and can't unfollow them :-/

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lron posted 4 years ago

XFire in general doesn't track for me here.

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QuestionableNumbers posted 4 years ago

I would like some sence to be made about the numbers that Playfire projects and states.


547,262,467 gamercards served.. O_o

1 MILLION gamers already here??

Yet you just stated 300,000 use the service for what it is designed for.. o_O

That leaves 700,000 members unaccounted for.. O_O

About 30 regulars use the Forums, maybe 100 use the Buzz.

Numbers on Playfire, sence they never make!!

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ChronoJoe posted 4 years ago

In Opera on the buzz every time you type something it extends the buzz field. Which in the end results in absurd scrolling to the submit button.

In Chrome if you have a lot of games in your 'played games' then search for a game on that list when choosing to relate a buzz to a game, it will usually Crash the Chrome window. Similarly Opera it will cause the window to hang up and eventually crash if you input too many characters. It functions slowly on Firefox, but does not crash.

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Zcrubby1 posted 4 years ago

Originally posted by QuestionableNumbers Jump to post

I would like some sence to be made about the numbers that Playfire projects and states.

547,262,467 gamercards served.. O_o

Served, as in queried from the database.

Basically, if you have it as your signature and you make a post in a forum, it will be served once for every visit to that forum page. If you posted twice on the same page it will serve it up twice for every visit that page gets.

It's easy to see how the numbers can be so ridiculous when you look at it like that.

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zedk posted 4 years ago

Steam tracking:

- Demos are tracked (they weren't before)

- Achievements are tracked but completion rate isn't updated (seems to be OK first time a game is tracked, and never updated afterwards)

- I think this has been fixed since then, but for people like me who joined during the issue, we still have a games library polluted with DLCs or games we don't even own...  <  4 Defense Grid DLCs  <  4 Borderlands DLCs  <  2 Magicka DLCs < don't even own...

- A month ago, PF tracked activity for games that we didn't play, messing up with the time line/chronological order  <  I never launched Crysis Wars or HL Deathmatch: Source, yet...

- Which leads to another issue: when I first joined, ALL my Steam games have been added to my games library, even the ones I never played. Meaning lots of unwanted games polluting my library just because I got them with some bundles

- Finally, I think most of these issues can be fixed with only ONE functionnality: for us PF members to be able to simply hide a game from our library. Seems pretty forward to me, like the Follow/Unfollow button. I've been suggesting this... well, since I joined.
This will also allow everybody to remove Free 2 Play games they just tested but didn't like.

- Oh, did you just see?
Seems I "Earned 4 out of 0 achievements" on Spiral Knights...

There's probably more, but that's all I can think about right now when it comes to Steam tracking issues.
Good luck with all that...... 

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surza7 posted 4 years ago

Only game that has not Synched right % wise for me is the Amazing Spider-Man game on my PF profile it is suppose to be 91%,but it is much lower.

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Talve posted 4 years ago

Doesn't track steam at all for me, custom id - pruuniauguryytel.


Thanks in advance if this gets fixed.

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Spharai posted 4 years ago

Tracking issues here also. Steam only. PS3 and 360 seem to be working just fine.

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MisterXen posted 4 years ago

I have problem with Steam tracking too, Playfire stop tracking my Steam activities every now and then and I have no idea what caused it. Also this tracking problemis causing achievement not being update properly. Here are some example (Notice the progress bar):


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mrdewd posted 4 years ago

Steam not updating anymore for me either, steamID mrdewd

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teedle posted 4 years ago

my steam never started tracking


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UltimaRosa posted 4 years ago

At first, it was only Borderlands on Steam that was giving me issues, it was tracking my hours, but not achievements while every other game had both hours and achievements tracked. Now, it just stopped tracking entirely, while my PS3 still does.


Lsst time Borderlands tracked an achievemtn for about a month and a half ago (I'm 100% on Borderlands now, so I actually have all of them now). The stopping of all tracking stopped a few days ago, maybe a week.


Steam ID: UltimaRosa

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Noia posted 4 years ago

It tracks and it updates - but SLOWLY. I got two new trophies yesterday evening in Darksiders on PS3 - I think at roughly 21ish - that's 13 hours ago, and it's not on my profile. I'm not 100% certain about whether it's down to syncing, but I have a Plus subscription, which updates every night in the AM, so it HAS been synced for many hours now. So it's working, but it can take over a day before it gets the info it seems.

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random_turnip posted 4 years ago

Ah, glad to see this up here, could stop so many repeat threads hopefully.

Steam traking seems to be incredibly slow right now, i've not beein updated since wednesday despite playing a few hours over the weekend.  Seems a long shot but since the Steam serves keep crashing because of the summer sales, but could it be somethign to do with that?

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Valthyr posted 4 years ago

Don't know about PS3, haven't gotten any trophies in a while, not awaiting any updates. Neither am I using Xfire, so I don't know anything about that either. On to the platforms I do actively use:

Xbox 360 updates seem to work, it still shows what games I've been playing and the achievements I've gotten. The problem is: the updates are far less frequent and with much longer delays than I was used to. I have no idea what happened. Up until a couple of weeks back, pretty much everytime I played a game on my X360, it would show within 24 hours on my Playfire profile, nowadays this can take three days or more.

Steam updates seem broken. The updates are even less frequent than the Xbox 360 updates. Sometimes it takes up to a week (or more) to show my Steam activity, even though I play games via Steam almost on a daily basis. In the end, it seems to always update the hours I've played for each game, nothing lost there... My playtime still seems to be tracked correctly, only with a big delay. - But there's another problem: Steam achievements. My Playfire profile failed to track multiple achievements I've earned in (some?) Steam games.

In the last month or two, I've earned achievements for Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Team Fortress 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive beta.

My Playfire profile tracked all the hours I've played for those three games correctly. It tracked and updated all the achievements I've earned in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It updated some (not all(!)) the achievements I've earned in Team Fortress 2. And it failed to update any of the new achievements I've earned in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive beta.

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lordhong posted 4 years ago

My achievements are tracked, but the overall total is wrong, and the total for each game is wrong, even though the page shows the correct number of achievements (for exemple, Defense Grid shows 34 out of 74 achievements progression, even though 43 achievements are "lit up" in the table - 43 corresponds to my amount on Steam).

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Roman_K posted 4 years ago

Steam still won't track for me, sadly. I verified that my profile is set to public, and is accessible when I am not logged in to the Steam community site. My Steam personal URL ends with "romankalik", and I have tried adding both that and the full URL - which then promptly changes to "romankalik" in the settings, so I assume that one's correct.

I did not, however, get any indication of something wrong (other than no sync occurring) until getting a message on the home page today that my Steam ID is wrong. So I tried setting it up again. Which returned me once again to square one - no sync for Steam, no messages about it.

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zedk posted 4 years ago

Short story long:

It would be WAY quicker to rewrite Steam tracking from scratch than trying to fix it.

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CapRichard posted 4 years ago

My steam too has recently stopped tarcking....  Or maybe it's just so slow.. but as of now, it's still stopped at the 12th of this month.

I think that it could be a problem relating to the steam sales in some way? (too much server load and similar crap), but it should be a separated entity from the main sale mayem. I believe.


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JiNeTiK posted 4 years ago

Tracking hasn't updated, but the achievements are showing up?

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protokyoto23495 posted 4 years ago

For me the Steam achievements are getting highlighted but the achievement progress bar always ignores it and generlly stays at 0% or whatever it was before the issue started (for me this all started about 3-4 weeks ago and hasn't fixed right yet.  This has happened on all games I've played on Steam since.

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