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Skate 2 online freeskate buddy? :) (Skate 2)

General Discussion - Started 7 years ago by TwItCh_RFC - 3 posts
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TwItCh_RFC posted 7 years ago

Hey I only need the 2 freeskate trophies 4 platinum but need a good skate buddy to do it with :) If ur up 4 it add TwItCh-RFC (PSN) Smile

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MidnightRambler7 posted 7 years ago

you can add me, still want to get rid of those trophies PSN- midnightrambler7

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zooyork198 posted 7 years ago

I haven't played this game in a long time.....damn 6 months i think.

I remember trying to find a good skate buddy for the free skate activities...good times =)

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