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NEW RPG! "dot.hack game for PSP"

General Discussion - Started 8 years ago by D4RKN3SS - 1 post
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D4RKN3SS posted 8 years ago

I always loved the dotHACK series on the ps2 and now on the PSP Wink


CyberConnect2 appears to be working on the latest game in the .hack series and according to a release schedule listing from this week’s Dengeki PlayStation mag (and scans from Weekly Famitsu, above), it’s coming to the PSP. Also from the scans, it looks like it will be an ARPG based on the manga .hack//Link, currently running on Kerokero Ace. Will this be the title that CC2 is counting down to?

Update: Revised with Famitsu scans added.

Source: 2ch


.hack//Link listing on Dengeki PlayStation - Image 1

The eagle-eyed folks at PSPHyper have spotted what appears to be indication that a game based on the manga .hack//Link will be coming to the Sony PlayStation Portable soon.

Heres the website!


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