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Behind the Badge: Archangel470

General Discussion - Started 1 month ago by __Stark__ - 1 post
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__Stark__ posted 1 month ago

Today on Behind the Badge, we ask our questions to Archangel470! He's already written some great posts on here and taken part in our Community Overwatch session, so here's hoping you'll run into him sooner or later!

You were originally a member of Playfire – Why did you join Playfire initially?

I first joined Playfire in December 2011. I was just surfing the internet and came across the site. I liked the idea of having a social network dedicated to video games, so I figured “Why not?” and signed up as benoski. I changed my username in October 2012 to the one I had now.


What platform do you usually game on?

I like to see myself as a neutral guy. I play games on PC, Xbox, PlayStation and everything in between. However, this generation I've mainly been playing on PlayStation 4.

What is your favourite game of all time?

That's a TOUGH question. I'd have to say Mass Effect 2. A truly magnificent RPG with great characters, great story and a fun game overall!

What games are you playing online at the moment?

Honestly, I play games online whenever I want to. I don't stick around online for too long. However, I do enjoy having fun with people I know. A couple of years ago, I played a couple matches of Halo 3 with my classmates at school. I loved that day, and playing Overwatch recently with some of the guys here at Green Man Gaming is making me long for more of those days!

What other hobbies do you have outside of gaming?

I'm a moderate film buff, so I'd like to watch movies as well, as well as a bit of TV. I'm also an avid artist using Source Filmmaker, where I create posters of various subjects. People can check out my DeviantArt profile to see what kind of stuff I've created with the program!

What features of the new community do you like the best?

Basically all the stuff that Playfire already has, but hopefully done even better than it was on the old platform.

What do you think makes our online community great?

That's an easy question to answer: The members. When you have people who love hanging out, helping each other out and stuff like that, you know the community is a great one.


Thanks for the questions!


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