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General Discussion - Started 1 month ago by __Stark__ - 1 post
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__Stark__ posted 1 month ago


You were originally a member of Playfire – why did you join Playfire initially?

 I originally joined Playfire in January 2009. The main reason for me joining Playfire was because of the trophy cards, I wanted to use my generated trophy card on a different community.

I decided to have a play around with Playfire at the time and found myself in the old goups section a lot, I liked the groups I was a part of so much I left the other community altogether to join Playfire properly, good times.

What platform do you usually game on?

 Wherever there are games I shall play. I mainly game on PS4 and Xbox One, but I also play Wii U and PC sometimes too.

What is your favourite game of all time?

 That is a tough question, I have had great memories playing through Final Fantasy IX. I remember that was the first game I completely paid for on my own, was a proud moment.

Also have a lot of love for the Gears of War franchise, the original Gears of War was the first game that really got me hooked on online shooters.

What games are you playing online at the moment?

I play too many games online at once at the moment to be honest with you, I play Overwatch, Rainbow Six: Siege and Gears of War 4 mostly at the moment.  I have dabbling in a bit of For Honor recently (I'm loving it but my backlog prevents me from playing it properly).

What other hobbies do you have outside of gaming?

I enjoy reading books at the moment I am trying to read through the Gears of War novels (just recently started Gears of War: Aspho Fields).

What feature of the new community do you like the most?

I think most of all I like the stability that the GMG community will provide through frequent updates.

What do you think makes our online community great?

I have seen a lot of people come and go but all the memories I have with most of those members remain, so that question has a simple answer... the members!

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