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The Overwatch Challenge is now Live!

General Discussion - Started 2 months ago by __Stark__ - 1 post
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__Stark__ posted 2 months ago

Attention all Overwatchers!

This is a call out for all you Overwatch players who have a collection of awesome Play of the Games, now you have a chance to show them off! Starting today, we ask you to submit your most epic, funny and outstanding Play of the Games, for a chance to win a game of your choice from Green Man Gaming!

You have exactly two weeks to post only one video on our new community site in the ‘competition’ channel, and our in-house Overwatch Enthusiast Team will pick the top 3. Even if you don’t want to post an entry, you can upvote and comment on your favourite videos, to show your support!

Here are the rules in full:

Each player must submit the video to the appropriate Competition channel on the Community Buzz.

It must be uploaded to YouTube, and then linked in a post.

Only one video per entrant.

Players can comment on other videos, and ‘like’ them to show their favourites on Community

The winners will be chosen by the GMG Overwatch Enthusiast Team.

The competition will run from 16th March to the 29th March.


Ways to get extra points:

 If the player is wearing a green skin (for Green Man Gaming!)

If the kills are ‘environment’ kills, knocked off edges etc.

Get your friends to upvote your entry and comment their support.


Your choice of game from Green Man Gaming! (Must be Standard Edition)

Good luck heroes!


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