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The Green Man Gaming Community Has Launched!

General Discussion - Started 2 months ago by __Stark__ - 8 posts
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__Stark__ posted 2 months ago

Hi everyone,

We have just launched the Green Man Gaming Community! Feel free to head over there and use your Playfire login information to get access, and check out all you can do! We’ve made a handy ‘Get Started’ guide for you to read through, so you can get to know all features we’ve got so far, as well as an introduction video!

I’d also like to introduce you to our collective moderators, you can check them out by clicking on ‘Moderators’ on the right-hand side of the Buzz. Feel free to drop them or me a PM, some of them you may know from here, and some are new.

We want to make it a really great place to hang out and discuss games, and if you’re like me and you love doing that all day, every day, then you will definitely enjoy your stay there.


Playfire will not be shutting down immediately, and we will give a lot of advance warning when it happens, but we have a long list of things to add to the Community before anything like that happens.

Have fun, and I hope to see you there!




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Alyxx posted 2 months ago

See you all on the new forums~

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Artificial posted 2 months ago

Not sure where else to post this but my usernames are different between Playfire and GMG, any idea why?

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dreaminstereo posted 2 months ago

Originally posted by Artificial Jump to post

Not sure where else to post this but my usernames are different between Playfire and GMG, any idea why?

If you made an account on GMG previously and linked the two (this probably would have been back in 2013 or so) then that may be why? 

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brett_me posted 2 months ago

When I try to sign in it tells me "A username for that e-mail address already exists. Please enter a different e-mail address." But I'm trying to sign in, not make a new acciount, is't that suposed to be the case?

Nevermind, I had to register an account first, I thought I automatically had one cause I had PF account.

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