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GMG Staff Profile: Daveambler

General Discussion - Started 2 months ago by __Stark__ - 1 post
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__Stark__ posted 2 months ago

You may have seen David around the Community, he's our QA Manager! Him and his team makes sure that every feature that we create works as well as can be when we add it to our site. He's an avid gamer as well, and was going to partake in our Community Overwatch session, but had tickets to see Logan. I'll allow it!


What experience do you have in the gaming industry?

I spent the first 7 years of my QA career at Electronic Arts as part of the first party compliance team. As a gamer this was a dream come true! After that I moved into e-commerce and finally ended up as QA Manager of Green Man Gaming combining my love of games, my knowledge of web testing testing and test automation.

When are community members likely to come into contact with you?

I'll be kicking about on the Community pages and likely taking part in any Community events that take place. Especially Overwatch ones!

What platform do you usually game on?

Primarily PC, but I do own a PS4 and the Breath of the Wild box aka. Nintendo Switch.

What is your favourite game of all time?

This is a hard one. In terms of hours played it'd have to be World of Warcraft, but I have a love hate relationship with that as its such a time sink. I do have a soft spot for the LucasArts adventure games too - especially Day of the Tentacle, Sam N' Max: Hit the Road and Full Throttle (can't wait for the HD remaster!).

What other types of games do you usually play?

The only genre of games I don't really play are Sports games... I'll give anything else a go.

What other hobbies do you have outside of gaming?

I've played guitar for about 18 years and own a sizeable collection. That’s actually a depressing thought as I am

nowhere near as good as I should be!

What feature of the new community are you most looking forward to?

I like the Games Library a lot, although it does highlight a lot of games I have bought and never actually played - I should do something about that! The other top secret features I can't mention otherwise I'd have to kill you.

Why is the community important to you?

It'll be cool to interact with the existing Playfire community as well as Green Man Gaming customers in general. From a professional perspective, its some new exciting things to test!


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