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GMG Staff Profile: milomanniongmg

General Discussion - Started 2 months ago by __Stark__ - 2 posts
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__Stark__ posted 2 months ago

We're back this week with our staff profiles! This time its Milo, who you may have heard and seen on our videos. Recently we played Vermintide and Ghost Recon: Wildlands together for the Green Man Gaming Twitch channel - you can check out the vods or highlights on YouTube!


During the day though he works in our marketing department, playing the internet like a merry instrument to lead all fine folk to our website. Basically he's the Pied Piper of Green Man Gaming. I think its on his business card. But nowadays we call it 'SEO'.



What experience do you have in the gaming industry?

I was at Disney Interactive Games previously, but really my experience comes from extensive fanboying for the Total War franchise and League of Legends.


When are community members likely to come into contact with you?

I'm secretly one of those marketing folk, so you'll mostly be seeing my ads out on the interwebs, but you'll find me on our streams and Let's Plays as well as here on the community pages.


What platform do you usually game on?

Mostly PC on my forever almost-there rig, for she is strong and beautiful and always has a bottleneck. I'm also a big fan of some iOS games for my iPad when travelling.


What is your favourite game of all time?

League of Legends. I'm so sorry but it's true (not even sorry though).


What other types of games do you usually play?

All sorts really! Multiplayer shooters, RPGs, MOBAs.


What other hobbies do you have outside of gaming?

The main one besides gaming is CrossFit - I am one of the cult there.


What feature of the new community are you most looking forward to?

Stats! Stats are the best really aren't they. It'll be really fun I think to check out what other people are playing at the moment and what achievements and stuff they're getting. 


Why is the community important to you?

Gaming and community are really closely linked. I've been a part of many clans and guilds over the years and they're great to be a part of. The GMG community will be a really great hub for people across all sorts of genres and platforms to get involved.

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dreaminstereo posted 2 months ago

Hi Milo! *waves*


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