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Official Green Man Gaming Community FAQ – Submit Your Questions!

General Discussion - Started 1 week ago by dreaminstereo - 10 posts
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dreaminstereo posted 1 week ago

Got any burning questions about the Green Man Gaming Community? Here’s your chance to get them answered. 

The Green Man Gaming team and mods are going to create a comprehensive FAQ that covers as much as possible about the new community, so tell us what you want to know!

Whether you’ve got questions about how Twitch works within the new community, what kind of game stats you’ll be able to access on your profile, or even what features Green Man Gaming have got planned for the future, reply to this thread and we’ll try to answer as many questions as we can.

Submit your questions by 1pm GMT on Friday 17 February and we’ll answer them on Saturday 18 February.

Want to read the latest news about the community? Find out more about how Green Man Gaming is bringing Twitch to the community:

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dragon_blade posted 1 week ago

Questions eh I'll start off with the one we all want to know.

What made you decide to scrap playfire and create the new site? Did you expect the backlash that happened?


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Daadwaa posted 1 week ago

I got a question for you dear member, my english is very bad and im sorry for that. But the question is the next one: on the website Green Man Gaming, the new game "For Honor" is on sell and i want to know if the selling Key for the game are for all countries or juste for someone?

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Jahman posted 1 week ago

Daadwaa in short, if You are able to access the GMG store page for For Honor and purchase it without any kind of proxy or VPN then You will receive a key that is correct for the region You're purchasing the game from and will work with an Uplay account from that same region. However, GMG does not guarantee that this key will work in regions other than the one it has been purchased from.

For more information, please take a look at an earlier thread regarding that same question here:

and if You have any other questions regarding this topic please post them there.

Also, in the future please use the Green Man Gaming section of the forums for any questions and discussions regarding the GMG store and the games offered in it rather than the Community itself. :)

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Daadwaa posted 1 week ago

Thanhks a lot :)!!

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Tidus007 posted 1 week ago

Are there any plans to bring profile comments back on the new GMG Community?

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Vivalafred posted 6 days ago

Is the GMG community going to be similar to Playfire in anyway?


We love Playfire very much and we would love to preserve what makes playfire great but with major improvements. 

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Maximus420 posted 6 days ago

I just joined. The game I bought I clicked download and now is says it is scheduled. What now? There's nothing.

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Jahman posted 6 days ago

Maximus420 I'd recommend using the "Reset" button under the Preferences / Schedule tab and possibly restarting the client as this usually fixes the "Scheduled" issue. Alternatively You can also try to reset the Playfire cache using the method decribed HERE and then logging in again and retrying the download.

If this doesn't help, please report this issue to GMG Customer Support here:

and they will be able to assist You further.

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dreaminstereo posted 5 days ago

Thanks to everyone who submitted questions - SunRay is answering them right now!


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