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Twitch and the Green Man Gaming Community

General Discussion - Started 3 months ago by dreaminstereo - 1 post
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dreaminstereo posted 3 months ago

Hi everyone! As you may already know, the moderator team and I have been working with the Green Man Gaming team to make the transition from Playfire to the new and improved community platform as smooth as possible. We’ve been providing them with feedback, and have passed on any feedback we’ve had from you, to make sure that the spirit of Playfire will continue to be at the heart of the community. 

As part of this, we’ve been finding out about all the new features that Green Man Gaming have planned for the community, which include a lot of things that just wouldn’t be possible on Playfire.

The mods and Green Man Gaming team are going to share regular updates about what’s happening next, keeping you in the loop about the latest community developments and features. Keep an eye on the forums (and buzz!) for all the latest news.

Using Twitch on the Community

One of the most exciting features that will be available on launch is integration with the video game industry’s biggest streaming service – Twitch. 

On launch, you’ll be able to see the latest streams currently happening for a game:

And by linking your Twitch account, you’ll also be able to watch those streams from within the Green Man Gaming Community:

Plus, you can take part in the chat:

Green Man Gaming are continuing to work on the Twitch functionality, and currently looking into how they can increase the visibility of streamers within the community, giving them access to hundreds of thousands of potential new viewers. If you’ve got a Twitch feed that needs some love, be sure to link your Twitch account when you visit the new community and tell us all about it!

When will the Green Man Gaming Community launch?

The Green Man Gaming Community will officially launch in open beta this March! The final date will be confirmed as soon as possible, but we’re really excited to share all the new features with you and see the community grow into a place for vibrant discussion, filled with people who have a real passion for games.

Although the community will be open to all from March, it does not mean that Playfire will be closing immediately. Green Man Gaming want to make sure that all the new features that they have planned are added to the new community and they have transferred as much information as possible, including, but not limited to, your Playfire avatar, bio and post count, before that happens.

The Green Man Gaming team and mods will keep you updated with any progress, and will give you plenty of notice before Playfire is set to close.

Can’t wait until the official launch? Get access to the closed beta!

I’ve got 50 spaces available on the closed beta to give to Playfire members if you want to see the new features before anyone else. To get early access, all you need to do is PM me with the email address you use for your Playfire account. Places will be given out on a first-come, first-served basis, so if you want in, you’ll have to be quick!

Any questions? 

The Green Man Gaming team are looking for your questions about the community launch right now! They will be putting out an official FAQ for Playfire members on Saturday 18 February, so if you have anything you’d like to be answered, please add your questions to this thread ( by Friday 17 February.

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