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General Discussion - Started 4 years ago by joncol - 3 posts
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joncol posted 4 years ago

If you have any questions or need help, please check the official Playfire support page before posting in the forums.

Welcome to Playfire.

The Playfire forums and Buzz are free and open places designed around the discussion of video games, and the video game industry. Off Topic discussion is also allowed, limited to the forums and the “NGR” (Not Game Related) section of the Buzz feed. Debate and discussion are more than welcome on Playfire providing they do not violate the rules below. At the discretion of Playfire Staff and its moderators, accounts may be banned  for not following any of the rules below.

Your post count, registration date, or friends on Playfire do not exclude you from following these rules. While some bans are instant, most are decided after a longer string of actions and events, and are at the discretion of the Playfire staff and its moderators, so what may seem like a ban over a small issue could be the result of a long line of other previously flagged, thoroughly investigated problem issues. We reserve the right to change these rules at any time.


1: Language

Language that is considered by the moderation team or the Playfire Staff to be abusive or harassing is not tolerated. Racial, sexual or homophobic slurs will not be tolerated in any form and will result in an immediate ban and deletion of all content.

The primary language of Playfire and the Playfire community is English. Different language threads are allowed providing that it is marked in the title of the thread. English should be used in all threads that have been started in English.


2: Attitude

Regardless of intent, we expect all users to act with civility and respect to one another. Regardless of intent, if the moderation team perceives you are trolling – deliberately derailing discussions and personally attacking users – action will be taken by the Playfire Staff or the moderation team, including permanent account bans. Using any element of the site, including private messages, to harass or bully users will not be tolerated and may result in an instant ban.


3: Images

All the above rules apply to words posted on images. Playfire is a community open to users as young as 13, and any imagery containing exposed genitalia, buttocks and female nipples are not allowed on any part of the site, including private messages. This includes cartoon nudity. Likewise, graphic violence, gore and anything else considered “Not Safe for Work” will be removed. In general, if it wouldn’t be considered safe to view at school or in a workplace, it is not acceptable on Playfire. If you are in any doubt about the suitability of a post, please contact a member of the moderation team before you post.


4: Copyright

Copying and pasting full articles into Playfire, even your own site, is not allowed on the Playfire forums or Buzz feed. Links, excerpts, quotes, videos, images, summaries and scores of games are allowed, but they must all link to the original source. Copying full articles verbatim from other sites onto Playfire will result in the deletion of the post, and possible action on your account. Discussion of topics such as emulation and piracy is allowed, but piracy-related tips and directions to piracy sites are not permitted and may result in instant account bans.


5: Spam

Individual posts to promote your own website, clan, YouTube channel or anything else you are associated with are not allowed on the Playfire forums. Affiliate links or web game referral links are not allowed on any part of the site, however sharing GMG friend referral links is permitted providing these are not spam posted multiple times. Begging for codes or free games is not allowed. Users are welcome to run their own giveaways and competitions, however, Playfire takes no responsibility for the outcome of these and users enter them at their own risk.

Some games have official topics. If a thread is created and any better place for discussions already exists, we may lock the thread. Likewise, posts that already exist on the forums may be locked and users linked to a more active place to discuss a similar topic.

Posting the same comment multiple times also counts as spam. Continuing to spam threads with multiple of the same post may result in action being taken on your account and could potentially lead to a ban at the discretion of the Playfire staff and the site moderators.


6: Post Topics

Playfire is primarily a gaming site, though off-topic conversation is generally allowed. However, the Playfire Staff reserve the right to delete entire threads and Buzz posts if they feel they are likely to become difficult to moderate. This especially applies to posts that include potentially harmful sexual, religious or political content. Reposting a thread after it has been deleted may result in your account being banned.

Spoilers are also a sensitive issue. Please ensure to use spoiler tags when discussing parts of the game that may spoil the experience for others. This includes in the Buzz as well as in the forums. Mark any spoiler threads with a clear indication that the thread discusses sensitive spoiler content. Purposefully spoiling a game for others will result in your account being banned.


7: Moderation

Playfire will not tolerate any abuse of the moderation team in any area of the site, including the Buzz, Forums and Private Messages, and doing so will result in a ban. Any and all discussions regarding feedback of moderator actions should be discussed through email directly to Playfire Staff. No posts regarding another member’s behavior or comments should be created publically. Instead, please use the report system on both the forum and Buzz and let the moderation team handle the situation.

Forum Game Thread Posts

Playfire’s forums are centred around three main topics - Gaming discussion, platform feedback and GMG inquiries and issues. On a case-by-case basis we are happy to have off-topic discussions and game threads, as long as these serve to provide discussion. When looking to create a game thread please ensure that they have the mechanics to encourage discussion that furthers the quality of information that is shared on the site, rather than a thread continues only relating back to the previous or preceding post. Threads that are clearly designed to increase post count will not be allowed.

9: Playfire Staff

Due to the real time nature of the Forum and Buzz, staff cannot moderate every user message. Messages on Playfire, with the exception of those expressly posted by staff, do not necessarily reflect the views of Green Man Gaming Limited.

Staff are informed of community issues by the moderation team, though they are also directly contactable here.




The Playfire website is not a democracy but we do not like to censor, we just want people to share their passion for gaming and get along with each other.  However, if you are in breach of the rules then a warning or a permanent ban can be expected. These are at the discretion of the Playfire staff and its moderation team. We reserve the right to edit and/or delete any message posted by any user for any reason. We reserve the right to ban any users from the service, permanently or temporarily, for any reason. We reserve the right to remove users that we think have a negative impact on the service or the greater community. We reserve the right to change these rules and guidelines at any time.


In short, treat those on Playfire in the way you’d like to be treated.


Enjoy the site!

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joncol posted 3 years ago

Hey guys,

Please be aware of these new rules, live as of May 24th 2013.

As stated in the rules, please let Playfire staff or the moderation team know if you have any issues.



Rule 8: Forum Game Thread Posts. Has been added and is active from September 12th 2014 - Broadfoot88

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radMonkey posted 3 years ago

[Update: 20/09/2013]

We have a new support page. If you have any questions or need help, please check the official Playfire support page before posting in the forums.

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